Win with Quality: Why Leadership Teams are Relying on unitQ to Drive Growth

Discover what product leadership is and its advantages. Explore product leadership strategies to efficiently align your organization around quality.

Product quality, especially in technology, hasn’t always been a priority. For decades, many tech offerings were the only game in town, so developers overlooked quality because users had limited alternatives. But, with an explosion of new choices, quality became everything. Now, years later, successful leaders understand delivering a great user experience requires a quality-first strategy. They know their teams must be aligned around quality because it drives usage and adoption, and helps products stand out from the lower quality competition. Of course, being quality-driven also means being data-driven, having the tools to work smarter and faster based on what that data says, and getting ahead of quality issues before they become widespread.

Put Quality at Your Core with unitQ Monitor

Today, leadership teams are focused on growth in users, profits, revenue, market share, and more- and they understand that all revolves around product quality. That’s why they’ve leveraged unitQ Monitor. The mission-critical product quality platform empowers their entire organization to take a data-driven approach to product quality. With a solution that’s able to bring focus and intelligence to a product’s health, they’ve been able to drive growth and execute on top business goals. Here’s how:

  • Leadership teams have been able to efficiently align their entire organization (Product Ops, Engineering, Customer Experience, Product) around quality. unitQ Monitor builds a common language around product quality to ensure their teams are fixing the right things at the right times.
  • They’re constantly informed on what’s impacting their product right now. It allows decision-makers to deploy the right resources on products and quality issues that matter most to their business and users.
  • The timely insights equip their cross-functional teams to prioritize, align, and act fast on mission-critical quality issues before they become critical. This also ensures they’re not working off anecdotes and data silos.
  • Utilizing unitQ Monitor’s automated workflow, they’re saving budget and time by reducing bandwidth and additional tools to manually find, collate, and aggregate user feedback data across multiple channels and languages. 
  • With a single, connected platform for external user feedback data and internal quality, support, and development tools, it brings efficiency and standardization needed by their teams. 
  • With unitQ’s powerful impact analysis reporting, they’re able to gain actionable insights to help guide them on which quality issues to fix next. The data allows them to see which quality issues have the most impact on the KPIs that matter most for their organization.
  • And, all of those efforts work together to keep users happy, which reduces churn and keeps them from migrating to competitors.

Stay Ahead of Competitors with the unitQ Score

The unitQ Score is based on the same user feedback data and machine learning intelligence used in unitQ Monitor, but normalized to allow for easy comparison between a company’s product and those of their competitors. It lets leadership teams accurately compare their app quality and health against the highest quality apps in their space or other relevant industries. It also filters out the noise of non-quality comments and feedback to provide a more accurate representation of product quality than many other rating methods. 

For executives, the unitQ Score provides a relative and reliable comparison to track and guide teams as they execute on product quality initiatives and work towards surpassing quality goals. It’s also an unbiased indicator of overall quality issues experienced by their users as compared with other brands, so they can use it to set goals, identify competitive strengths and weaknesses, and more. Leadership teams have seen a boost with their product quality by 20% in 30 days when utilizing the score. 

unitQ Customers Know the Value

LOVOO, a European dating app, used unitQ Monitor and their unitQ Score to improve App Store ratings by 28% and reduce support tickets by 40%. That kept users coming back with increased sessions and session lengths. With unitQ, leadership teams also saw an increase in team efficiency and found their product teams were able to focus on product improvements that matter to their business.

Styleseat, an online booking and payment platform, doubled user retention and cut churn in half by using unitQ Monitor to automate, add intelligence to, and streamline their product quality and product ops processes. Now, instead of managing multiple tools across support, QA, and product operations, they have a single source of quality truth. It’s enabled them to focus on resolving issues rather than troubleshooting and searching.

Product Quality is Critical to Company Growth

When users are delighted with a high-quality product, they keep coming back for more and stop looking for alternatives. This accelerates sales cycles, increases profits, and makes for a more valuable company. A study found companies that focus on product-driven growth over sales-driven growth have above-average growth and gross margins, and are valued 29% higher. Those are all metrics every executive would be happy to improve. 

Having the tools to quickly, efficiently, and effectively build products of high quality are critical to reaching corporate goals, no matter if you’re running a small team at a startup or a huge product and development team at a global enterprise. Learn more about unitQ Monitor and unitQ Score. You’ll see how unitQ helps your teams align around product quality, get fast and accurate insights on product health, and can elevate your user experience to fuel growth.