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Why Product Quality is Invaluable for The Food Delivery Apps Industry

Mobile apps have redefined the way users discover and order food. The archaic ways they use to pursue their next meal are slowly declining. They’re no longer limited to traveling to pick up a meal, having limited food options, searching for menus, or deciphering which restaurants offer delivery or take out. Alternatively, there’s an abundance of food and drink options right at their fingertips. With emerging app-based food delivery services, it’s so convenient to enter and refine what they want by cuisine type, particular diets, special menu items, or promotional meals. And with just a few taps on their devices, they’re met with delight when their quick and easy breakfast, lunch, or dinner arrive right to their front doors.

In a Growing Market, Quality Matters

Convenience and variety are key factors in the rise of food delivery app usage. The increased consumption has magnified significant growth within the food delivery market in the past 5 years. And in the past year alone, the pandemic has amplified food and drink app installations by 21% and more than doubled food delivery apps’ business. Even as the pandemic is slowly recovering, delivery operations expect to have a lasting effect. According to one report, the global food delivery mobile app market anticipates to hit $16.6 billion by 2023. As the market is booming and app choices are expanding, a high product quality experience is crucial to both attain and retain users.

Top Product Quality Issues for Food Delivery Apps

Users aren’t just hungry for delicious and convenient meals, they also crave product quality. A single issue can impede their entire experience. In a recent research, over 80% of users said, “If it takes longer than expected to resolve an issue with their delivery, their overall satisfaction with that service would go down.” To ensure user satisfaction doesn’t go down, businesses should pay attention and take action on what their users are saying. Users have the deepest insights on how their product works because they directly interact with it, the following are the top product quality issues they’re experiencing within the Food Delivery Apps Industry.


  • Wrong orders
  • Missing or incorrect items from shopping card
  • Incorrect pricing
  • Charged multiple times
  • Couldn’t complete order
  • Issues editing cart
  • Processed multiple times
  • Can’t adjust tips
  • Can’t place or finalize order
  • Error checking out


  • Can’t add or update card
  • Unauthorized payment
  • Failed/rejected payment 
  • Can’t use certain cards
  • Missing credits
  • Can’t apply discounts or promos
  • Can’t pay with PayPal
  • Incorrect credit amount
  • Can’t get a receipt 


  • Deliver instructions not followed
  • Can’t select/change time
  • Can’t manage address
  • Order not on time
  • Canceled for no reason


  • Can’t log in or sign up
  • Password reset- link not working 
  • Can’t send messages via chat
  • Can’t give ratings
  • Response not received
  • Freezing
  • History missing

Raise The Bar on Product Quality 

Businesses should continue to assiduously raise the bar on product quality, especially as users have so many options with this growing market. Competition is fierce and neglection towards product quality could encourage users to turn the other way. Quality issues such as inaccurate orders, miscalculated billing, erroneous deliveries, complex application usage, and/or inconvenient account errors will lead to lost users, possible negative reviews, and ultimately impact a company’s bottom line. It’s worth the efforts to observe what user pain points are and start to excogitate solutions to elevate their experiences. The best approach is using user feedback and product quality data.

We’ve developed the unitQ Score and unitQ scorecards for app product and development teams take a data driven approach to their product efforts. We encourage businesses to leverage the data to create meaningful paths towards their product’s growth. Organizations can expect to see increased customer loyalty and reduced churn rates. unitQ also offers monthly scorecards so teams can benchmark their product quality efforts over time.