unitQ Score Industry Report: The State of Product Quality in H1 2021

Category-leading companies rely on unitQ for a data-driven approach to product quality. They’ve replaced anecdotal behaviors with actions based on granular data and can focus on Quality Issues that truly move the needle right now. And, with detailed insights tied to business metrics like net sentiment and app store ratings, it’s no surprise that our customers have shortened time to fix and improved their unitQ Scores across the board. Correspondingly, they’ve noticed their unitQ Score goes up when their time to fix decreases. This approach to product quality, one supported by granular data and tied to KPIs, is driving retention, engagement, and revenue for some of the fastest-growing companies in the world. Below, you’ll find what we’ve learned about the state of product quality across different industries and quality trends from the most downloaded mobile apps in the first half of 2021.

Quality Issues from Most Downloaded Apps

The data chart below represents an analysis of product quality data for 4,376 of the most downloaded mobile apps from January 1st through June 30th of this year. Our models identified 1,786,640 Quality Issues (16%) within this data set out of 11,116,351 user reviews from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Amount of Feedback Evaluated Across iOS App Store and Google Play Store

iOS App Store and Google Play Store user reviews for 4,376 most downloaded apps

Percent of Quality Issues Across All User Feedback Data

16% of user feedback contained Quality Issues 

unitQ Score Industry Averages

70% of the 4,376 most downloaded apps fell within Social, Gaming, Music, Health and Fitness, Education, Finance, Shopping, Food and Drink, Travel, and Dating industries. We’ve analyzed the average unitQ Scores across these industries. 

The unitQ Score represents the fraction of feedback that contains a Quality Issue (bugs or user friction). Using machine learning models, we normalize data to provide a unitQ Score between 0 and 100. The average unitQ Score across sectors was 81, Education had the highest score at 87, and Food and Drink had the lowest score at 72.

Average unitQ Score Breakdown – Top Industries

Average unitQ Score by industry 
  • Social: 83
  • Gaming: 86
  • Music: 84
  • Health and Fitness: 80
  • Education: 87
  • Finance: 75
  • Shopping: 82
  • Food and Drink: 71
  • Travel: 78
  • Dating: 82

Quality Issue Trends Across Top Industries

Users never stop leaving valuable feedback. See below for the four Quality Issues they cared about the most in the first half of 2021.

The Top 4 Trending Quality Issues Based on User Feedback Data

Quality Issues from trending categories across industries

A. Installation Quality Issues (39%)

40-50% of user feedback for the Social, Gaming, Music, Health, and Fitness industries were related to installation issues, with the majority of that feedback on downloads and updates. Gaming had the most Quality Issues in this category with 53% while Shopping had the least at 23%.

B. Application Quality Issues (24%)

3 industries (Social, Gaming, and Education) had the most Quality Issues detected in this category. Users mentioned problems relating to glitches, crashes, and speed. Gaming had the most reported issues with 31% in this category, while Shopping had the lowest at 16%.

C. Account Quality Issues (19%)

-Shopping and Dating Industries saw the highest amount of Quality Issues in this category. Users had concerns regarding Quality Issues like password reset, login, verification issues, and shipping errors. Although Gaming saw the highest reported amount of Quality Issues in the categories above, only 8% pertained to account issues.

D. Billing Quality Issues (18%)

Food and Drinks, Music, Finance, and Travel industries saw the highest amount of Quality Issues in this category ranging from 27%-32%. Users raised their concerns about payment, discounts, and promotion code errors in their feedback. While Food and Drinks saw the most Quality Issues (32%) in this category, Social app users saw fewer concerns at 5%.

Drive Product Quality with unitQ

No matter the category, users gravitate to those apps with the best product quality. When they’re delighted with high-quality products, they will keep coming back. And this will accelerate conversion cycles, margins, and profits for companies. unitQ customers Chime, Pandora, Strava, The RealReal, Quizlet, NerdWallet, and AppLovin continue to see significant growth in retention, engagement, and revenue by leveraging data-driven insights from unitQ.

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