unitQ Product Highlights

Track what’s impacting your product health and quickly act on quality issues. Learn how to measure product health metrics with unitQ Score.

unitQ strives to make every customer’s experience with unitQ Monitor as productive and efficient as possible. We’re excited to share some product highlights that will further support teams to take the best data-driven approach to product quality! 

Teams can utilize:

  • Hourly unitQ Scores
  • Trending Quality Monitors 
  • New Integration Sources

Hourly unitQ Scores

The unitQ Score is an operational metric that measures the current state of a product’s health. It serves as a leading indicator for many KPIs such as revenue, retention, support ticket volume, sentiment, star ratings, and NPS scores. This is why we’ve made hourly unitQ Scores the heart of our platform. Teams can easily track what’s impacting their product right now and act on issues before they become widespread. By seeing how their score tracks on an hourly basis, teams like User Support, Product Ops, Engineering, Leadership can be proactive with user issues, gauge product quality efforts over time, save time and resources, and benchmark how they’re comparing to top competitors.

Trending Quality Monitors

With the new Trending Quality Monitors, teams will get granular data on all their user feedback. The detailed data will guide them in understanding what’s specifically impacting their users right now. They won’t have to base decisions on anecdotes but instead, rely on timely and factual data that will help them achieve strong priority alignment and resource allocation. In turn, teams can stay on top of high-impact issues and attain faster Time to Fix. As a result, businesses will see a direct correlation in key metric improvements such as higher user satisfaction, elevated margins, and better conversion cycles.

New Integration Feedback Sources

unitQ Monitor scans feedback from a wide-range of user feedback channels and we integrate with popular productivity tools teams use every day. We’re now integrated with additional sources so teams can seamlessly connect to existing workflows.

  • Trustpilot
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Pissed Consumer
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Galaxy Store

See the full list of all unitQ integrations here

To Get Started

For existing unitQ customers, you now have access to all of these product enhancements. If you want to learn more about how these work, our team is available to answer any questions and walk you through the features. Not a customer yet and want to see how it all works? Connect with our team to learn more.