unitQ presenting at PagerDuty Summit 2022

Brett Caplan, unitQ Product Manager, is presenting virtually at PagerDuty Summit ’22 about how organizations can harness user feedback to improve product quality, and how PagerDuty integrates with unitQ to help teams efficiently troubleshoot and triage customer-impacting issues.

PagerDuty Summit 2022 is around the corner. And we’ll be there.

The lowdown: unitQ Product Manager, Brett Caplan, will present how organizations can harness the power of user feedback with unitQ to improve product quality. And he’ll also discuss how PagerDuty integrates with unitQ to help teams efficiently troubleshoot and triage customer-impacting issues.

Why unitQ?

unitQ, a PagerDuty partner and an AI-enabled monitoring platform that consolidates user feedback and surfaces actionable insights, has an exclusive integration with PagerDuty to proactively identify customer feedback trends. unitQ can automatically trigger a PagerDuty incident after detecting a customer-impacting issue, giving teams timely alerts along with the full context they need to assess and address issues. PagerDuty is one of dozens of unitQ integrations.

From spiking complaints of password reset errors to increasing negative feedback sentiment, unitQ instantly alerts the right stakeholders to take action. Teams are now able to monitor customer feedback channels simultaneously, get alerted to emerging issues, and mobilize responses in real time.

What’s our PagerDuty presentation about?

Caplan will discuss the unitQ platform that gives our customers like Chime, Klarna and Spotify the power to proactively identify user feedback trends, in real time, from app stores, social media, chatbots and internal platforms like Salesforce and PagerDuty. 

In addition, with Caplan’s online presentation, you will:

  • Learn how to identify urgent issues from both private and public user feedback channels and send timely alerts to teams for troubleshooting and triaging.
  • Learn how brands are improving product quality 20% in the first 30 days with access to real-time customer feedback data.
  • Learn how a cloud-based central repository for user feedback integrated with PagerDuty boosts efficiency and improves customer experience.

The PagerDuty Summit 2022 runs between June 7-21. Along with unitQ, leaders from DocuSign, Google, Telegraph Media Group to Zendesk will also be speaking.

Can’t wait for the summit, request a unitQ demo today and check out our customers page to see how companies are taking a data-driven approach to their product quality efforts, fixing issues faster, and leveraging insights into roadmaps and product growth. After all, detecting, investigating, prioritizing and fixing issues identified by users bolsters developer KPIs, enhances customer satisfaction and ratings in app stores, attracts new users and drives new revenue streams.

See you at PagerDuty Summit 2022!