unitQ + Ada integration: Transforming automated chatbot conversations into better product quality

Learn more about the unitQ and Ada integration to transform conversations into actionable insights for better product quality.

We are delighted to announce unitQ’s integration with Ada, a market leader delivering automated brand interactions between companies and their customers.

This latest integration from unitQ means customers have another tool in their quiver to continue offering the best and fastest customer experience for issue resolution — while at the same time maintaining visibility into what customers are saying to identify and fix issues even faster. 

unitQ now has more than 30 integrations to turn qualitative user feedback into quantitative actionable insights — helping companies improve their product quality, reduce churn, boost star ratings, and build great app experiences. This is why category-leading brands like AppLovin, Cornershop by Uber and Spotify embrace unitQ to enhance their product’s quality and experience.

“Giving our current and future customers another seamless route to harness and prioritize user feedback is why we chose to partner with Ada, which is bridging the divide between customers and brands with their advanced AI-powered brand interaction platform and chatbot capabilities,” says Aaron Verstraete, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at unitQ.

The Ada integration allows companies embracing Ada’s automated brand interaction services to funnel chat conversations through unitQ’s AI. Our algorithms transform those conversations into actionable insights so brands can make better product decisions now, plot feature roadmaps and at the same time reduce the number of support tickets.

“With Ada’s brand interaction platform and advanced conversational AI and NLU capabilities, brands can keep pace with growing volumes of customer inquiries without breaking the bank. And with our integration with unitQ, our customers have another tool to extract data-driven insights from their customer conversations,” says Michael Setticasi, Vice President of Partnerships at Ada.

Read how our customers are enhancing their businesses here. To learn more about the unitQ and Ada integration, book a demo here.