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What tech leaders can learn from a $500k bug

When I started the social media app Skout in 2007, I was blown away by our traction. We had over 50 million installations globally, had raised over $22 million from Andreessen Horowitz, and there were hundreds of incredibly talented employees making it all happen. 

Despite our success, and unbeknownst to us, there were many 1-star reviews on the Google Play app store in the Polish language, dinging our Android app in a language we didn’t understand. This small piece of the overall Skout community was frustrated and was telling us exactly what we needed to know, that the app was unusable in Poland, but we weren’t listening. 

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unitQ selected to demo at FinovateSpring

We are excited to be presenting at FinovateSpring 2022, a leading fintech conference that showcases the best innovations in financial and banking technology. unitQ has been selected to demo on stage in front of a live audience in San Francisco on May 18. Returning to an in-person event, this year will feature 50+ live demos from leading innovators and thought leaders. 

unitQ’s Founding Team Member and Sales Director, Anthony Heckman, and Product Manager, Brett Caplan, will present how unitQ’s cloud-based AI platform is arming fintechs, banks and financial institutions with real-time actionable insights from user feedback to stay ahead of their competition, improve their customer experience, boost star ratings, and drive customer retention.

unitQ gives organizations, no matter what industry they are in, a single repository for user feedback. This feedback is ingested from all kinds of public channels (like social media, app stores, Reddit, Better Business Bureau) and private channels (like Zendesk, Delighted, Ada, Intercom). Support and Member Services teams save time responding to tickets. Product and Digital Innovation teams get prioritization and real-time insights to inform their roadmap. Engineering teams receive actionable insights that reduce time to fix. 

We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our platform and show why category-leading financial companies like DailyPay, Chime, and Greenlight Financial have better retention, engagement, and performance. 

FinovateSpring Demo Session Details:

Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2022
Time: 9:40 – 10:55 am
Location: Hilton Union Square San Francisco
Learn more about FinovateSpring 2022

Read how our customers are enhancing their businesses here. To learn more about unitQ, book a demo here.


unitQ has great culture because my old job didn’t

It was about 4pm on a Wednesday, and I was sitting in my dark, gray cubicle, working on my accounting spreadsheets amid a small sea of other drab cubicles.

My teammates were standing up and avoiding eye contact with me. Something was up. I noticed my boss, the assistant controller, was wearing his hat as if he was on his way out. I saw a coworker put on her coat, another his sunglasses. What was going on? The whole finance team, except for me, all 8 of them, were gathering to leave and it wasn’t even quitting time. The CFO came out of the elevator and everyone left, without me. 

Then the office manager, who wasn’t on the finance team, messaged me: “Omg, the CFO invited me to go to happy hour with his team, but it was last minute so I didn’t go.” 

Mean spirited 

I was crushed. I felt so left out. My colleagues were grown adults who were behaving like the mean girls in elementary school.

I had been at this job for about two years and had gone through a lot as I helped my team grow. Now, I felt like I’d been left out. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I was already feeling frustrated with my role here, and this got me thinking about my next opportunity at another company.

Fortunately, within about 6 months, a former colleague reached out to me with an amazing opportunity to join a Series A startup as their financial controller. This was a huge step up and I gladly accepted.  

When giving notice, I quipped to my boss, the assistant controller, that I’d keep him in mind if I ever needed an assistant. He did put together a nice counter offer, and it would have been more money, but it was too little too late. I simply felt like an outsider to a company where I routinely put in 70-hour weeks.

Everyone is invited

unitQ holiday party!

Being left out taught me to value how important it is for employees to feel part of a team, of a work culture, and not to feel left out. I’ve carried that same thinking to unitQ, a growing startup where I’m the senior finance director and I also lead the human resources function from our Burlingame, Calif., office.

I plan a lot of team-building events and virtual gatherings. Everyone is invited. I care deeply that my colleagues feel included, respected and valued. 

Food bank volunteering!

When new hires join, we play 2 Truths and Lie over Zoom to get to know them. We have a Coffee Chat channel in Slack where people opt in to be randomly paired with another team member. It’s been a great way to interact with our hybrid-workforce team members stationed everywhere.

Don’t mess with us!

For co-workers in the Bay Area, I organize in-person team building events. For our holiday party, we not only invited all of our US-based remote team members to join, but we paid for them to bring a guest as well to the Bay Area. It was lovely to meet our remote team members’ significant others!

In the last few months, we’ve volunteered at a local food bank. Let me not forget about our team go-karting excursion that seemed more like a smash-em-up derby. And I’m still trying to recover from the hiking trip that seemingly was uphill on the way out and back! We also have weekly company dinners, too!

Go-karting winners! 

Getting to know each other outside of work has helped form deeper bonds, and only improves our working relationships. 

Startup magic

Of course, things change as companies grow and scale. As headcount increases, it makes sense that certain events and celebrations will become team specific rather than for the whole company. My advice to growing companies is to make sure that, as you scale, you don’t push people out of a team into isolation. No one likes the mean girls. No one likes to be left out. 

Does planning team building events and developing a stellar company culture sound like something you’d be into? Come work for unitQ. Take a look at the job description for our new People Ops Manager role! The ideal candidate will be based in the Bay Area and work in our Burlingame office a couple days per week. 

Is People Ops not your thing, but working for an awesome startup with a fun culture is your thing? Take a look at all our open jobs!


unitQ + Ada integration: Transforming automated chatbot conversations into better product quality

We are delighted to announce unitQ’s integration with Ada, a market leader delivering automated brand interactions between companies and their customers.

This latest integration from unitQ means customers have another tool in their quiver to continue offering the best and fastest customer experience for issue resolution — while at the same time maintaining visibility into what customers are saying to identify and fix issues even faster. 

unitQ now has more than 30 integrations to turn qualitative user feedback into quantitative actionable insights — helping companies improve their product quality, reduce churn, boost star ratings, and build great app experiences. This is why category-leading brands like AppLovin, Cornershop by Uber and Spotify embrace unitQ to enhance their product’s quality and experience.

“Giving our current and future customers another seamless route to harness and prioritize user feedback is why we chose to partner with Ada, which is bridging the divide between customers and brands with their advanced AI-powered brand interaction platform and chatbot capabilities,” says Aaron Verstraete, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at unitQ.

The Ada integration allows companies embracing Ada’s automated brand interaction services to funnel chat conversations through unitQ’s AI. Our algorithms transform those conversations into actionable insights so brands can make better product decisions now, plot feature roadmaps and at the same time reduce the number of support tickets.

“With Ada’s brand interaction platform and advanced conversational AI and NLU capabilities, brands can keep pace with growing volumes of customer inquiries without breaking the bank. And with our integration with unitQ, our customers have another tool to extract data-driven insights from their customer conversations,” says Michael Setticasi, Vice President of Partnerships at Ada.

Read how our customers are enhancing their businesses here. To learn more about the unitQ and Ada integration, book a demo here.


unitQ Analysis: The state of mobile application product quality 2021-2022

Harnessing unitQ proprietary algorithms and artificial intelligence, unitQ analyzed the reviews for more than a year’s worth of data on roughly 4,400 of the world’s top mobile applications listed on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Just like we do for our unitQ customers, we parsed this data to generate actionable insights into what users of those applications were saying about their applications. unitQ customers like Spotify, HelloFresh and Klarna harness this real-time feedback to take a measured, data-driven approach to their product quality efforts, fix issues faster, and leverage insights into roadmaps and product growth. 

Judging by what users are saying about the mobile applications that we analyzed, the state of product quality for 2021 is “fair” with lots of room for improvement. Overall, this equates to an average unitQ Score of 75. Read how a unitQ Score is calculated. For the first quarter of 2022, the average score dropped 8% to a unitQ Score of 69. We discuss the significance of this drop farther down in this report.

Defining unitQ Score

unitQ Score is an organization’s product quality metric based on user feedback data gathered automatically in more than 70 languages from the most popular customer channels — including app stores and social media, and may also incorporate internal support and chatbot applications. unitQ Score is a performance indicator that represents the current state of an organization’s product health. Detecting, investigating, prioritizing and fixing issues identified by users increases unitQ Score, bolsters developer KPIs, enhances customer satisfaction and ratings in app stores, attracts new users and drives new revenue streams. 

unitQ Score is the modern, and more accurate way of analyzing customer satisfaction over NPS scoring. Higher unitQ Scores equal better products, and more satisfied customers. 

Interpreting a unitQ Score

95-100 Epic: Best in class product quality. 
85-95 Good: Strong product quality, room for improvement. 
70-85 Fair: Satisfactory product quality, lots of room for improvement.
0-70 Poor: Weak product quality, urgent improvement required.

In this report, you’ll find what we’ve learned about the state of product quality across different industries and quality trends from the most downloaded mobile apps from 2021 to present.

Top 25 mobile apps with highest product quality ranked by unitQ Score for 2021

*Rankings are based on apps with more than 500,000 reviews on the iOS and/or Android platforms in 2021.

unitQ Scores Based on Top Industries for 2021

For our analysis, we calculated the average unitQ Score of 75 based on what users were saying in the reviews sections on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Quality Issues From the Most Downloaded Apps of 2021

We ingested 121.52 million customer reviews over the period. Using the power of unitQ artificial intelligence, we detected more than 17.23 million “product quality issues.” These issues include app crashes, freezes, is slow, won’t install or launch, and you name it. This is discussed in more detail farther down this report. 

Percent of Product Quality Issues Across All User Feedback for 2021

The data shows that 13% of all user feedback contained product quality issues. Learn more about the lifecycle of product quality issues, which are user complaints about their friction with a product.

Average unitQ Score: Android Versus iOS for 2021

Of all the user feedback, the average unitQ Score for iOS was 61 based on reviews in the App Store. For Android, user feedback equated to an average unitQ Score of 78 based on reviews in the Google Play Store.

Product Quality Breakdown by Android Versus iOS for 2021

There were 3.18 million product quality issues on iOS and 14.04 million on Android. Because Android is a larger platform, roughly 82% of the product quality issues were detected on that platform.

Top Product Quality Issues unitQ Discovered for 2021

Product quality issues equate to bad user experiences. Detecting, investigating, prioritizing and fixing issues identified by users increases unitQ Score, bolsters developer KPIs, enhances customer satisfaction and ratings in app stores, attracts new users and drives new revenue streams. 

Top Quality IssuesVolume
1. Slow Performance744,376
2. App Force Closing579,328
3. Can’t Download or Install369,209
4. Fails to Launch361,835
5. Can’t Access App263,741
6. App Freezing256,505
7. Can’t Update230,354
8. Crashes After Update151,922
9. Can’t Play141,482
10. Bad Experience137,007
11. Cant Pass Level134,703
12. Too Many Ads118,885
13. Payment Required86,163
14. Technical Difficulties Error77,106

Top 5 Quality Issues by Industry for 2021

Many product quality issues are the same across a wide swath of industries. App crashes and latency and failure to load are complaints from users of virtually every application. However, some industries have unique product quality issues. For example, users of online dating apps complain that they have been wrongly blocked or suspended from the application. A complaint unique to music applications is that a song won’t play or the wrong song plays. When it comes to game applications, players voice concerns that they are not able to reach higher levels. Read on to understand the product quality issues of the top 10 industries we are monitoring.

Finance Quality Issues

  • App Fails to Launch
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Can’t Transfer Funds
  • Cash Withdrawal Denied
  • Payment Failed or Rejected

Gaming Quality Issues

  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • App Freezing
  • Can’t Pass Level
  • Stopped Working After Update
  • Too Many Ads

Music Quality Issues

  • Cutting Off or Music Stops Playing
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Playlist Can’t Play or Load
  • Plays Another Song or Playlist
  • Search Not Working or No Results

Online Dating Quality Issues

  • Account Blocked or Suspended
  • Account Can’t Access
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Can’t Download or Install
  • Slow Performance

Education Quality Issues

  • Account Can’t Access
  • Answers Missing
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Can’t Download or Install 
  • Slow Performance

Social Networking Quality Issues

  • App Can’t Download or Install
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Camera Not Working
  • Can’t Make Voice Call
  • Notification Not Delivered

Shopping & Retail Quality Issues

  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Delivery Date Keeps Changing
  • Delivery Not On Time
  • Sent to Wrong Address or Not Received
  • Slow Performance

Video Quality Issues

  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • App Freezing
  • Can’t Download or Install
  • Not Playing On TV
  • Too Many Ads

Health & Fitness Quality Issues 

  • App Fails to Launch
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • App Freezing
  • Can’t Connect to Device
  • Steps Number Incorrect or Not Counted

Travel Quality Issues

  • App Fails to Launch
  • App Force Closing or Crashing
  • Can’t Download or Install
  • Trip Canceled for No Reason
  • Customer Support Unsatisfactory Behavior

Product Quality 2022 Findings

The unitQ Score average for the Q1 of 2022, as we noted earlier, was 69. This is compared to a 2021 average unitQ Score of 75. The difference between the two scores is due to a slight uptick in users complaining of product quality on a wide range of issues, including app crashes or freezes, too many ads, is slow, and fails to launch or install across iOS and Android devices. 

Note: Because our 2022 analysis only includes three months of data, we are not overly concerned at this moment that app quality across the board is on a path of decline. That said, when we perform our Q2 analysis, we will have a clearer picture of the path of app quality.


Organizations are throwing tremendous amounts of resources at building and maintaining their tech stacks. They maintain systems for auditing, for monitoring the security and the performance of applications, microsystems and infrastructure as a whole. However, there’s a goldmine of other data that organizations are not likely parsing in a holistic manner.

That data is the voice of the customer. It’s the best resource for identifying quality issues, bugs, and errors.

This data is the single source of truth of product quality. It’s live streaming every day in massive quantities — but it’s probably not streaming through an organization’s tech stack — unless they’re a unitQ customer.

unitQ is an AI-enabled platform that listens to signals from an organization’s user base. We’re arming organizations with real-time actionable insights to build a better customer experience both immediately and into the future to improve product, reduce churn, boost star ratings and build great experiences.

To learn more about our research findings or about unitQ, request a unitQ demo today.


Lance Miles is a unitQ data engineer

David Kravets is the senior content marketing manager for unitQ


Webinar on May 19: Capture user feedback with unitQ to enhance product quality

One of the best ways companies can consistently deliver great product experience is identifying, understanding, and fixing mission-critical quality issues in a timely manner — and sharing those insights with key stakeholders. This sounds great in theory, but what about in practice?

Register for the live webinar to learn more

See if for yourself. Tune into our May 19, 2022 webinar where one of our our top account executives will provide a first-hand overview of how unitQ analyzes just about every customer feedback channel — including Zendesk tickets, app reviews, social media, and more — in 70 languages to uncover issues with your products, in real time.

By harnessing the voice of the customer, the unitQ AI-powered platform determines what’s impacting a company’s products enabling CX, Product and Engineering teams to prioritize which issues to fix now and which ones to table for later. 

Webinar: Capture User Feedback with unitQ to Enhance Product Quality

Date: Thursday, May 19, 2022
Time: 10am PDT
Duration: 30 minutes
Cost: Free

unitQ Account Executive, Chethan Kosaraju, will provide an inside look at the unitQ Monitor — the unitQ console where all the data-driven magic happens. 

In the session, you’ll show you how to:

  • Boost product quality, revenue and retention with product quality insights
  • Gain a unified view of all user feedback data
  • Prioritize high-impact, mission-critical quality issues
  • Monitor product health and review feedback trends in real time 
  • Remove manual overload and streamline with automation

Register for the upcoming live product webinar today


Connect with unitQ at Zendesk Relate on May 11

unitQ is delighted to be a sponsor of this year’s Zendesk Relate, online everywhere May 11, 2022. During networking times, attendees will have the chance to visit unitQ’s virtual booth, meet the team and see the platform in action (not to mention win big prizes)!

The unitQ team is eager to show Zendesk customers the unitQ Monitor, which analyzes just about every customer feedback channel — including Zendesk tickets, App Store reviews, social media, and more — in 70 languages to uncover issues with their products, in real time. Companies on Zendesk who integrate with unitQ Monitor have seen a 20% improvement in product quality during the first 30 days. The stellar results are due, in part, because companies can leverage unitQ’s two-way Zendesk tagging to address user feedback in bulk, by common quality issues.

What is Zendesk Relate

Zendesk Relate, a customer-experience focused event, brings together a global community of customers, prospects, partners and employees to connect, learn, and celebrate via a shared online experience. “A remarkable customer experience is an imperative and can be a company’s biggest differentiator,” says Alex Constantinople, Zendesk’s CMO.

How to Connect with unitQ at Zendesk Relate

  • unitQ’s Virtual Booth during Networking Times 7:30am-8:30am, and 9:15am-10:30am PDT on Wednesday, May 11. Meet the unitQ team and see our platform in action.

    BONUS: Enter to win unitQ and partner PagerDuty’s Prize Package Sweepstakes! Ever fantasize about owning your own movie theater? This is your chance to get a FREE portable entertainment HD projector plus a $200 Amazon gift card to build your film library. Qualifying is easy, simply register here for your chance to win!
  • Party with unitQ and friends! Right after Zendesk Relate, join our partner Ada, unitQ and other CX leaders in-person from 1:30pm-3:30pm PDT at SPIN SF. Rub elbows with the brands and leading experts who are changing the CX landscape and delivering best-in-class customer experiences. Enjoy complimentary drinks, food, and a chance to win fabulous prizes! RSVP HERE
  • Rather not wait until Zendesk Relate? Schedule time with our product specialists before the event here. With unitQ, you can dramatically improve product quality and increase app store ratings and customer sentiment. All the while, you’ll reduce the number of support tickets and decrease the time to fix issues near-and-dear to your customers.

unitQ + Zendesk is a Win-Win for Support, Product and Engineering Teams

unitQ’s AI-platform offers developers a single repository for global user feedback, and effectively eliminates data silos because it lives in the cloud — Product Quality Heaven! Support teams save time responding to tickets. Product teams get prioritization and real-time insights to inform their roadmap. Engineering teams receive actionable insights that reduce time to fix. 

Learn more about our Zendesk integration, and take a look at how unitQ customers are enhancing their businesses to greater success. Book a unitQ demo today.


Recap: Squashing bugs, keeping players happy at the Game Developers Conference

The 2022 Game Developers Conference (GDC), the game industry’s premiere professional event, saw a robust return to in-person conferences in San Francisco. The conference was the largest in-person gathering the city has hosted in the wake of the pandemic. 

Some 12,000 game industry professionals gathered at the Moscone Convention Center from March 21-25, with an additional 5,000 joining on the virtual platform. There was plenty of excitement as the global game community reunited to get a peak at the latest technologies, software and services at GDC’s expo. The unitQ team was excited to have showcased unitQ to game studios. They were pumped that unitQ offers a centralized, searchable repository for user feedback from a wide range of sources, which enables teams to quickly fix issues identified by customers — making them happy customers and happy game players.

unitQ’s GDC experience kicked off March 10, when industry blog, Game Developer, interviewed our Co-Founder and CEO, Christian Wiklund. In that article, Christian illuminated how unitQ helps gaming studios improve the quality of their products, and announced our recent integrations with Helpshift and PagerDuty, which makes unitQ even more of a force to improve product quality. Already boasting impressive features that surface customer impacting issues from feedback, now unitQ can trigger PagerDuty incidents to alert the right stakeholders and help enrich those alerts with the right context teams need to prioritize and fix issues near and dear to their customers.

On the eve of GDC’s expo, unitQ hosted Happy Players Happy Hour at the stylish Peacekeeper venue in San Francisco. unitQ was joined by two partners as co-sponsors, Helpshift and Kustomer. Together, we hosted close to 100 attendees from brands like Electronic Arts, Tilting Point, NCSOFT and AWS. Helpshift marked the occasion by announcing their new initiative “Metashift by Helpshift” which will offer in-app support for metaverse experiences, and in turn will offer another important source of feedback data that unitQ will analyze to help companies make product improvements. 

It was sheer bliss to once again return to a venue — without wearing a mask — like Peacekeeper for some proper networking and cocktails. Cheers to the appropriately titled ‘Peacekeeper’ signature drink — a mix of Serrano Tequila, Ginger, Pineapple and Lime is a knockout. If you get a chance to visit the venue, make sure to try it! 

Key highlights of the evening happy hour were the brief presentations by all three partners, including the welcome greeting by our own CEO Christian, and an engaging introduction to unitQ given by Anthony Heckman, unitQ’s Head of Business Development, who was arguably rocking the evening’s best “casual, but ready for biz” look. (Check out Anthony in the photo below Go Trojans!) 

As if the food, drinks and content weren’t enough, attendees were gifted with complimentary swag, like our eco-friendly, recycled cotton unitQ tote bags, Helpshift’s silver thermal mugs and take-home boxes of decadent chocolates. MMMMMM chocolate!

All things METAVERSE was a significant topic throughout the GDC conference, and as a nod to that, four lucky attendees each won a free pair of Oculus VR headsets to cap off the evening. 

Next up on unitQ’s GDC itinerary was our booth at the Moscone Center expo.

unitQ’s bold, game-centric booth design was a standout in its category. Attendees were drawn to the colors and simple, easy to understand tagline. 

Color me biased, but our swag game, including branded tees and fly-swatters (because unitQ helps teams detect and squash 👾bugs of course) scored big points with attendees. No need to fret if you missed your chance to speak to our team, or grab some stickers, a bug squasher or a shirt. You can reach out and set up time to chat here.

We spent three days talking to hundreds of attendees representing every facet of the gaming sector. We hosted a solid number of demos for reps from small indie gaming studios to large, enterprise brands.

Whether you got a chance to visit us at GDC, the mobile-game industry is one of the most disruptive, iterative industries in tech. And it’s our goal to leave you with the message that support, product and dev teams no longer have to fly blind. unitQ is building a real-time solution for organizations to stay on top of product quality across all platforms, languages, and regions. We provide game brands with a platform to listen to signals from their user base, and we’re ready to arm you with actionable insights to build a better user experience both immediately and into the future.

Couldn’t attend GDC this year to see our demo? We got you covered. Book a personalized demo with our team.

Best Practices

No more silos for your product feedback

Silos. Tunnel vision. Operational misalignment. They go by many names, but silos in the workplace have negative effects on productivity, morale, and even product quality. 

Product quality can suffer when one team, like support, knows about a product issue, then reports it to engineering. Then engineering, not having enough data about a given bug report, fails to take action quickly and goes about their other business. 

And when product quality suffers, so does the customer experience. Silos can result in bugs that never get fixed, disappearing into a black hole because engineering lacks sufficient data to prioritize the issue, or they have a hard time reproducing the problem.

The Great Disconnect

There often is a disconnect between the support and marketing teams and the engineering and product teams as they struggle to align on which quality issues or bugs need to be addressed. The scenario usually plays out like this: the support team gets a few reports about a problem with the product, so a support engineer files a bug with engineering, mentioning the examples. Engineering gets the report, but since it only contains a few anecdotes, it’s unclear how prevalent the issue really is. They may not have good information as to whether the issue is new, how long it’s been around, whether it’s spreading quickly, and so forth. 

And in an environment where everyone is moving fast, communicating that information may not be easy. 

unitQ Monitor Tears Down the Silo 

The seamless communication and single source of truth for product feedback that unitQ Monitor, unitQ’s AI-enabled monitoring platform, provides helps to break down the silos between support and engineering. unitQ Monitor turns qualitative feedback into quantitative data, so engineers now have the hard numbers to help prioritize their fixes.

Providing this indisputable data to engineering is one of the main benefits that support and marketing leaders frequently tell us, as it has helped them get their issues fixed quickly instead of just lingering in production.

Fixing issues fast improves the customer experience, which has the added benefits of decreasing customer churn and reducing the amount of tickets customers file.

If you need help tearing down the silos in your company, request a unitQ demo today.


unitQ partners with Amazon Web Services: Together improving product quality via the AWS Marketplace

Today we are thrilled to announce that unitQ is now listed on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace and continuing to invest in AWS programs that benefit our customers and partners! 

This news will enable millions of active customers who rely on AWS Marketplace to seamlessly harness the power of the unitQ Monitor and incorporate user feedback into their product decisions like never before. 

Working with AWS, directly highlights the importance of product quality for today’s leading companies. All too often, teams lack a window into their product quality because the data they need is siloed across disparate channels. Our unitQ Monitor, an AI-enabled platform, flips this reality on its head and consolidates feedback across private and public channels classifying them into over 500 granular categories, called Quality Monitors. 

Now AWS Marketplace users can streamline procurement to quickly launch our unitQ software to provide their teams – from support, to engineering, to product, and beyond – a new level of quantitative insights that identify, prioritize, and fix issues faster. This will make procurement especially easier for our customers who are already buying apps integrated with unitQ from the AWS Marketplace, including Zendesk, Helpshift, and Talkdesk.

Household names like Spotify, Pandora, and Klarna are utilizing the unitQ Monitor and on average customers improve their product quality by 20% in the first 30 days of having access to this real-time and impactful data. 

Here are some of the benefits that unitQ will provide users on the AWS Marketplace:

  • Companies can now detect, troubleshoot, and fix urgent issues faster than ever
  • Incorporate crucial user feedback into product decisions
  • Consolidate feedback from all feedback channels into a central repository
  • Stay on top of product quality with real-time alerts of new and trending bugs and quality-related issues reported in any language, device, or platform.
  • Send user reviews, product issues, or quality trends to specific teams in your organization via Slack, Jira, or PagerDuty, making it easy to monitor what users are saying about your game or product in real-time.
  • Automatic translation from 70+ languages
  • Feedback enriched with metadata engineering need to reproduce and fix issues

Today’s also marks our recognition of being a candidate for AWS Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Accelerate Program. This program will further connect unitQ to the AWS Sales organization, creating new opportunities for improved product quality to so many teams. unitQ is also pursuing additional AWS programs to benefit customers, including working on AWS Competencies.

Product quality directly impacts usage and revenue and at unitQ we’re working on building deeper integrations, like this one, to empower teams everywhere to improve product quality and create the best user experience possible. For more information about the integration, visit the unitQ on AWS page. We can’t wait to see what’s next!