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Quantifiable human data: The missing link for observability and monitoring

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You’ve invested many resources — human, technological, financial — building out your product’s monitoring and observation systems up and down your entire tech stack, thinking you’re finally able to catch any issue that may arise. And while you’ve automated capturing all the machine data, you’re still missing out on one crucial set of data: human data, which comes in the forms of product reviews on app stores, social media posts, and even the bug reports your customers submit. 

Monitoring all these different systems is a very manually intensive process, often done by disparate teams that may not always be aware of what the other teams know when it comes to feedback on your product.

One Ring to Rule Them All

That’s why unitQ Monitor, our AI-enabled platform, is the one ring to rule all monitoring. It consistently finds issues that should be caught lower in the stack, where your machine monitoring occurs, as sometimes these systems do not have full coverage. Your observability platform may be full of machine data, but it won’t know about the poor reviews your product is getting in the app stores because of a long-standing login issue.

Quality issues tend to arise due to external factors, like network connectivity or third-party integrations. And your existing monitoring systems are unable to see into these opaque areas.

It’s very difficult to instrument certain critical engagement flows, such as “is the password reset link working?”, “did we double bill many of our users?”, or “did a user pay for an upgrade but didn’t receive the feature set which was promised?” Also, content changes and bugs related to them are hard to monitor with the most popular monitoring tools.

unitQ Monitor takes qualitative feedback and turns it into quantitative data. Your engineering, support, marketing, and product teams can all see the same data all in one place, keeping them aligned on which product quality issues are most pressing and most prevalent. 

But don’t just take our word for it. “We love unitQ Monitor! It used to take us so much time to identify and quantify issues,” said Anja Richter, the head of QA at LOVOO. “unitQ Monitor has really improved the workflow between our QA and Product teams, because we now have all the data we need to make decisions in real-time. Plus, it’s great that we can now search everything from one place!”

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