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Join us at Ada interact as we discuss how to fully measure the customer experience

Real-time customer feedback should be a critical piece of your business strategy

We are excited to be sponsoring Ada interact this year, a one-day conference designed for CX leaders to share ideas and tools to improve the customer experience. At 10am PDT / 1pm EDT on September 14, I will be delivering a virtual talk on how CX leaders can better measure the customer experience to reduce churn, increase market share, and maximize revenue streams. 

Why NPS is not enough

The reality is that NPS may be useful in understanding customer loyalty and growth at a high level. In my 15-minute talk — “When NPS isn’t enough: how to fully measure customer experience” — I’ll address how successful organizations are gaining actionable insights from real-time customer feedback, and how they are responding accordingly.

Real-time customer feedback should be a critical piece of your business strategy, especially regarding your product. That’s because every day your customers are telling you what you need to know to delight them. They are sharing valuable feedback in multiple channels, in app store reviews, on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and in support tickets.

Surfacing actionable insights from customer feedback to drive product quality used to be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be anymore.

Pair NPS with unitQ Score

Tune in to discover how unitQ solves this challenge by offering organizations a 360-degree view of all customer feedback in one place, in real time. Our machine learning and advanced algorithms combine all feedback data into a central repository so organizations can effortlessly uncover feature requests, bugs, track how users are reacting to product updates, and more.

As part of our DNA, we developed the unitQ Score, a reflection of an organization’s product health and customer sentiment based exclusively on real-time user feedback. 

We are passionate about helping organizations build exceptional products and experiences based on customer feedback insights. Pairing NPS with the unitQ Score will have a transformational effect on your organization’s success.

To learn more, request a unitQ demo.

P.S. If you are attending Ada Interact in person, visit the unitQ kiosk in the Franklin Gallery to learn more.  

Christopher Bryan is the Director of Product Marketing at unitQ.