Introducing the unitQ Score

Learn how to develop and improve product quality to consistently outperform customer expectations. Use unitQ Score to measure software product quality.

Benchmark Your App Quality Against the World

Product quality is a characteristic that’s difficult to ascertain, but which your customers instantly notice, especially when it’s bad. What’s worse, the differing perspectives of external users and internal teams makes it difficult to pin down which quality issues have the most impact on your business. And, to the frustration of product, support, and quality teams everywhere, product quality has been an elusive metric to quantify. Until now.

We’re excited to introduce the unitQ Score as the world’s first product quality metric based on user feedback and data gathered from the most popular customer channels and across more than 100 languages. This proprietary quality metric enables teams across the product lifecycle, from quality and support to product and engineering, to accurately and continuously measure, monitor, and improve product quality and compare your efforts against top competitors.

The Importance of Product Quality

Your customers have many options, which makes product quality an important differentiator. But when users are faced with a poor quality app or experience, their decision to move on is decisive and usually irreversible. In other words, when an unsatisfied customer leaves, you’ll likely never get them back. And, when they’re vocal about their experiences, it can have a negative influence on the choices new customers make, especially in a world flush with five-star rankings and a constant stream of social media opinions.

Poor overall product quality, and the resulting bad experiences, have many negative consequences for your business. Frustrated customers are less likely to engage and eventually churn, taking their revenue, clicks, and impressions along with them. Even compartmentalized product quality issues can impact your growth if it adds friction as users create accounts, log in, attempt to purchase products and upgrade services, or just try to use your app for its intended purpose. And, as you’re struggling to uncover and determine the scope of individual issues, more customers are turning to your competitors.

Monitoring product quality and user feedback is the only way to ensure your products consistently outperform your customers’ expectations.

How unitQ Score Enhances Your Quality Efforts

We’ve worked with hundreds of product quality and development professionals to both understand their quality improvement processes and incorporate unitQ into their quality improvement efforts. Those experiences have shown that, when companies can identify issues in real-time and analyze feedback from all sources, devices, and languages, it leads to better, faster, and more efficient prioritization of fixes and feature improvements. The key is in gathering, categorizing, and utilizing actionable insights derived from comprehensive customer data, not just anecdotes or limited snapshots of customer feedback.

Our platform makes it easy to put public user feedback to work, quantitatively and without bias, to find and remedy product quality issues. It pulls data from across the most popular consumer channels, like reviews from App Store and Google Play Store, and social media, like Reddit, Twitter, and other channels. That data can then be analyzed to surface, investigate, and prioritize quality improvement efforts, and integrated with your existing quality, support, and development tools to accelerate fixes.

Your unitQ Score enhances your quality efforts further by using proprietary machine learning models to filter out the noise and focus only on feedback related to product quality and bugs, and then determine the sentiment behind that feedback. The resulting 0-to-100 unitQ Score weighs the positive and negative quality reviews users are making about your brand, then lets you compare your product quality to that of every other brand we track.

Benchmarking Against the World’s Highest-Quality Apps

Your unitQ Score lets you easily compare your product quality to that of your competitors and others within and outside of your space. In January 2021, we launched our first monthly scorecard of the best quality apps (and correlating brands!) in the categories of online dating, finance, health, and music. The scorecard will continue to grow to include additional verticals and list the highest-quality apps overall. This month, those “Top Apps” include TikTok, Shop, AmongUs!, Google, and WhatsApp.

A unitQ Score of 90 or above represents epic, best-in-class product quality. A score between 80 and 90 shows companies are employing good quality efforts, but need further optimization to reach epic levels. A score between 70 and 80 reflects fair or reactive quality efforts, with much room for improvement. And, those with a unitQ Score below 70 have weak product quality and users are being vocal about their poor experiences.

We update the scores monthly so you can track the impact of your product quality efforts over time. Check back for the latest scores here.