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How unitQ helps product managers succeed

Discover how unitQ’s centralized platform improves product management and leadership. Explore, monitor and benchmark user feedback with unitQ Monitor.

Talking to other product managers, whether on Zoom, over drinks, or on a chairlift up a mountain, our conversations naturally turn to the same shared obsession: how can I improve the quality of my product?

A desire to understand customers’ needs drives PMs to spend hours every week digging into conversion funnels, interviewing customers, poring over bug reports, and reading app store reviews. Sifting through disparate feedback sources to find recurring themes can feel like a black hole, where hours of work are required to find one, critical insight to improve product quality.

Product managers need a single, centralized platform to explore, monitor and benchmark user feedback and product quality signals. unitQ Monitor is that AI-enabled platform, empowering product managers to efficiently identify, prioritize, and fix product quality issues.  


With unitQ, product managers can easily search for user feedback trends in a centralized platform that aggregates all your feedback sources, including support tickets and app store reviews. unitQ’s AI-enabled platform translates feedback from any language, so you don’t have to dust off your high school level Spanish to learn that users in Latin America are experiencing higher than normal password reset errors, impacting your retention. 

Without requiring a line of SQL, unitQ shows you broken user flows and negative sentiment associated with specific features. The platform provides rich filters so your team can drill down on the user segments you care about most (like Twitter users mentioning your newest Android release), and see the feedback volume associated with each issue. By quantifying the customer impact of qualitative data, product managers can more efficiently prioritize the highest impact product enhancements and fix previously unknown bugs.


unitQ alerts you whenever customers complain about your product, and provides the metadata your engineering team needs to quickly triage. How many times have you wondered whether your newest release is moving the needle on improving your user’s experience? Now with unitQ, you can track changes to user sentiment release over release, and see the real-time impact to support volume and app store reviews with each enhancement.

unitQ also helps your team celebrate improvements to the user experience and keep morale high. With unitQ, product managers can monitor “customer love” and automatically share positive feedback into a shared team slack channel.


Finally, unitQ Monitor helps you outperform the competition by benchmarking product quality. unitQ rates product quality based on public feedback, and compares your score to your top competitors. Product managers can compare their product’s quality directly against competitors, and make improving your unitQ score part of your OKRs.

Armed with the wealth of quantitative data that unitQ Monitor provides, product managers can explore, monitor, and benchmark product quality. unitQ helps product managers prioritize the highest impact enhancements, stay ahead of customer-impacting issues, and hold your team to the highest standard of product quality. 


Whether or not you are a product manager, unitQ can help you understand your customers better, and build better user experiences. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.