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How support teams leverage the power of user feedback and unitQ Monitor

Explore how leveraging a feedback analysis tool gives user support teams the insights necessary to spot, triage, and resolve quality issues faster.

No matter what name your team goes by—customer support, user operations, customer success, product support, voice of the customer—you’re responsible for quickly resolving issues, feeding insights to engineering and product teams, and spotting market, feature, and other trends. That’s a challenge because incoming tickets span languages and systems, users often fail to include relevant information, and meaningful analysis requires time-consuming manual effort. But with a single source of truth for global user feedback insights—like unitQ Monitor’s AI-enabled platform—support can quickly make data-driven decisions while turning user feedback into a competitive advantage. 

Where Support Feels the Pain

Growth is usually a great thing for businesses. But highly manual efforts, like customer support, tend to be challenging to scale along with the business. Most modern support teams already use customer support tools like Zendesk, Helpshift, or Solvvy to streamline and automate the ticketing and initial user engagement processes. You’re also likely using Slack, Jira, PagerDuty, and other internal tools to respond to and resolve issues with engineering.

As your business scales, support generally has to scale 1:1 along with the user base. That’s because user feedback comes in from dozens of channels, which takes time to gather and analyze. Swelling rivers of user feedback force you to aggregate issues and focus on the biggest impact issues while an undercurrent of smaller issues go unnoticed and ignored. Growth into global markets invites user feedback submitted in different languages, from users on new and different devices and software versions. And user feedback can omit key details that prevent proper categorization and triaging, preventing engineering from reproducing issues. 

You’re probably already feeling the pain of many of these challenges. But that’s just within the support team. As you work to guide engineering and product, too much data and too few insights can lead to generalities, estimates, and anecdotes. Miscategorized issues or generic tags only serve to undermine conclusions, sap your confidence in results, and erode the trust you’re trying to build with engineering. Manual tagging may seem like an option, but it’s time consuming and it pulls support teams away from their jobs of actually supporting users and informing internal teams.

What support needs is a way to take user feedback from existing user feedback channels, intelligently and automatically categorize it, and provide the data-driven insights to streamline support processes and inform upstream development teams as they work to improve and advance your products. You can do all of that and more with unitQ Monitor.

Accurate, Comprehensive User Feedback Insights

unitQ Monitor gathers user feedback from across the web and within your existing tools and brings it together in a single view. From Zendesk to Reddit, the Apple App Store to Zoho, unitQ aggregates app store reviews, social media posts, and ticketing data to create a one-stop shop for user feedback and product quality insights. unitQ Monitor then translates that feedback from over 100 languages, automatically categorizes it, and evaluates the user’s sentiment so you can quickly and confidently analyze issues, trends, and more to gauge product health and quality. Combined, it lets you efficiently scale support while resolving more issues and enabling smarter product decisions.

With user feedback data in a single view and augmented with critical product, quality, and issue data, unitQ Monitor gives the support team the data-driven insights to spot, triage, and resolve issues in less time and with less effort. It also gives you the confidence to act quickly knowing you have a complete view of all user feedback and the data to reinforce your decisions. Even for unstructured comments and social media posts, unitQ turns qualitative phrases and statements into usable, structured data to further inform your decisions. 

Beyond support, unitQ becomes a dashboard for your entire business to track and monitor product quality and health based on user feedback. Searching becomes more powerful and reliable because categorizations and tags are consistent and user feedback is translated to a single language. Capturing additional metadata ensures support and engineering have the device, operating system, region, software version, and other details necessary to make confident decisions. And powerful filters and analysis tools enable granular insights to be shared across the company. 

unitQ Is the Secret Sauce for Support

Support is a critical component of every product-driven business. If you fail to keep users happy, you simply fail. unitQ Monitor moves you beyond anecdotes for faster action based on reliable, comprehensive user feedback. It puts product, quality, and user insights at your fingertips for easy analysis and better decisions. And it gives you the confidence to act on real-time product heath and user feedback issues before they impede your growth. 

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