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How DailyPay taps into a goldmine of customer feedback

At DailyPay, we are very passionate about understanding our customers’ interactions with our product.

As I pointed out in my previous article, at DailyPay, we are very passionate about understanding our customers’ interactions with our product and we iteratively strive to improve customer value and engagement.

The ‘Coffee with Customers’ sessions, mentioned in the aforementioned article, are led by my colleague Katie Speidel and are still going strong. They are an essential fixture of our culture at DailyPay. The weekly sessions are providing unique insights and discussion items across our organization and departments. In these sessions, which are centered around a rotating yet specific topic, Katie shares up to four essential customer interactions with the audience. The immersive observations and discussions within the sessions are very helpful and spark action. They also aim to inspire other groups to dig deeper into what the customers are saying.

In this post, I’d like to go into the mechanisms behind such a deeper investigation by highlighting some techniques my colleague Dan Lee and I are working on in regards to tapping into the feedback provided by customers through calling, emailing, texting, and writing app reviews.

Dan, who is a leader in our product organization, worked with unitQ to understand how their services could provide us with insights related to customer feedback. unitQ’s tagline is “Harness the power of user feedback to improve product quality”. unitQ’s proprietary “AI technology extracts data-driven insights from what users are saying to help you increase product quality.”

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Lars Wiedenhoefer is Observability leader; Digital Customer Experience Engineering at DailyPay