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Helpshift advice: How to collect mobile app feedback

Users leave reviews on social media, forums, or Discord, and missing them is a lost opportunity to improve your app.

App feedback is essential in all app building because it is important to create an app your users will love and prevent churn. Companies such as unitQ are leading the field in analyzing app user feedback by making it easier to search, monitor and analyze feedback with its AI platform.

Why do you need feedback? Why is feedback critical?

In-app user experience will make or break your retention funnel. A well-executed feedback loop and player support can guarantee app longevity and drive financial success. Feedback will help your developers build better games and QA can more quickly replicate bugs, while support staff better addresses user frustration.

Feedback, like any other measure used to determine the success of your app, allows you to test the performance of your app. How your app performs correlates directly with your customers’ satisfaction and LTV (lifetime value). To make sure your app is satisfactory to your customer, gather qualitative data and insights directly from your users.

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