Embrace customer feedback data to drive business success

Voice of the Customer data is a goldmine of actionable insights.

It’s no surprise that today’s customers have high expectations when it comes to product quality. And companies have high expectations as well — product quality is incredibly important to an organization’s ability to differentiate itself and compete. But if those expectations aren’t met — if there’s a disconnect between customers’ expectations and how the product actually functions — customers can become frustrated. They might go to a competitor, or they might simply give up on the product altogether.

It is critical for organizations to remember that what you can’t measure, you can’t improve. Fortunately, in today’s environment, there is an opportunity to utilize data collected from users to address quality in a way that wasn’t possible even a few years ago. 

The most significant piece of data for organizations to consider is the voice of the customer. This data is the single most important source of truth when it comes to product quality, and it comes complete with actionable insights and precise information about what users are saying about your product’s performance, features and capabilities. 

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Christian Wiklund is unitQ CEO and Co-Founder.