Digging deep on AI with Niklas Lindstrom

Building AI is a symbiosis between humans and machines.

Niklas Lindstrom, our CTO and Co-Founder who was recently named one of the top CTO’s in the analytics startup space, appeared recently on the Hashtag Trending Weekend Edition podcast to give a deep dive into AI and unitQ.

Interviewed by Jim Love, publisher of IT World Canada, Nik discusses how unitQ makes sense of data — via AI — that unitQ ingests to provide our customers a real-time understanding of the Voice of the Customer. This parsed data enables organizations to build exceptional customer experiences based on that user feedback.

Human in the loop

Nik explains the “human in the loop” concept, where unitQ uses “data labelers” and machine learning to train the AI to accurately recognize what people are saying about organizations on Twitter, Reddit, Discord, app store reviews, chatbots, support tickets, and you name it.

“So we need to have very detailed labels on it. And it’s a challenge for, I think, all AI companies out there that they have to tackle, that they have to treat the data as the most valuable asset they have,” Nik says.

The collective mind

Nik says building an AI is a symbiosis between humans and machines.

“So an AI can never become better than me if I would be the only data labeler. But if we work as a team here, Jim, we can train an AI to become better than one of us, because we have a collective.”

What’s more, data always needs constant training and auditing because it can become biased, Nik says.

“You need to build and you need to train the AI with data that you trust, something that you 100% rely on. But you also need to keep auditing AI. So even after it’s trained, you need to make sure that it’s doing what you expect it to do, so it doesn’t get any assumption to say something wrong,” Nik adds.

Listen to the podcast here.

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David Kravets is the Senior Content Marketing Manager for unitQ.