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How DailyPay taps into a goldmine of customer feedback

As I pointed out in my previous article, at DailyPay, we are very passionate about understanding our customers’ interactions with our product and we iteratively strive to improve customer value and engagement.

The ‘Coffee with Customers’ sessions, mentioned in the aforementioned article, are led by my colleague Katie Speidel and are still going strong. They are an essential fixture of our culture at DailyPay. The weekly sessions are providing unique insights and discussion items across our organization and departments. In these sessions, which are centered around a rotating yet specific topic, Katie shares up to four essential customer interactions with the audience. The immersive observations and discussions within the sessions are very helpful and spark action. They also aim to inspire other groups to dig deeper into what the customers are saying.

In this post, I’d like to go into the mechanisms behind such a deeper investigation by highlighting some techniques my colleague Dan Lee and I are working on in regards to tapping into the feedback provided by customers through calling, emailing, texting, and writing app reviews.

Dan, who is a leader in our product organization, worked with unitQ to understand how their services could provide us with insights related to customer feedback. unitQ’s tagline is “Harness the power of user feedback to improve product quality”. unitQ’s proprietary “AI technology extracts data-driven insights from what users are saying to help you increase product quality.”

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Lars Wiedenhoefer is Observability leader; Digital Customer Experience Engineering at DailyPay

Customer Stories

Learn how HelloFresh improves product quality

HelloFresh, the world’s leading meal-kit delivery provider, is on a mission to change the way people eat. Founded in Berlin in 2011, the company delivers high-quality meal kits through a flexible, customizable subscription program. Its combination of affordability and convenience has turned it into a global powerhouse delivering 1 billion meals to more than 7 million active customers in 2021.

Running a successful subscription-based business relies on keeping customers happy, especially when it comes to dinner. For HelloFresh customers, having access to over 50 meal options each week satiates their hunger for meal customization — yet also brings more potential for a user experience glitch to drive them away. 

The company’s digital and physical product teams looked to user feedback for insights on delivery issues, cancellations, and user sentiment, but the process was entirely manual. With roughly 80,000 points of unique customer feedback flowing in each month from chat and phone support, surveys, social media channels, and app store reviews, HelloFresh was overwhelmed by so much customer feedback. HelloFresh also didn’t have the time or resources to manually turn that flow of user feedback into data-driven directions or prioritizations.

“We really care about what makes our customers happy, or unhappy, from the moment they convert to ongoing delivery, meal prep, loyalty rewards, and more. But our process for gathering user feedback relied on manual effort so we couldn’t quickly see sentiment, recognize trending issues, or track quality issues over time. That’s why we embraced unitQ.”

Jake Zukowski, Vice President, Global UX Research & Design at HelloFresh.

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Customer Stories

unitQ’s Impact on Growth for Category-Leading Companies

unitQ customers build the highest quality products with our leading product quality platform. We’re a company that empowers businesses to take a data-driven approach to product quality so they can deliver the best possible user experience that drives retention and revenue growth.

Our platform, unitQ Monitor, has pioneered the most efficient way for teams like Engineering, Product, and Support to fix quality issues smarter and faster before they impact bottom-line results. Since partnering with unitQ, our customers have seen significant growth, learn more about the notable results below.


With over 80 million global athletes using its platform, Strava is one of the most popular fitness apps in the world. Athletes from around the globe use its app to connect and share some of their most athletic adventures. Strava turned to unitQ to help balance product quality and product development. They wanted to ensure great experiences for their loyal users and push the proper fixes through their developers. They also wanted to improve their app store ratings.

“We wanted to get alignment between what the community wants and what our developers have planned. We couldn’t quantify the community’s demand for feature requests, so it was difficult to prioritize development. The lack of alignment was starting to impact our app store scores.”

-Stephen Young, Technical Support, Strava

Results they’ve seen since partnering with unitQ:

  • 41% improvement in their unitQ Score
  • 13% increase in Google Play Store ratings
  • 94% reduction in manual user feedback efforts
  • 20% reduction in incoming support tickets


Pandora is a leading music streaming service with millions of listeners. Their users tune to their app to play their favorite songs, albums, and podcasts. Pandora partnered with unitQ to automate finding actionable signals through user feedback across multiple channels and languages. They wanted to ensure they had the most efficient product to help them listen, identify, and understand user feedback.

“Since working with unitQ, it has caused our team to stop and rethink how to prioritize user feedback data and how we can shine a better light on poor quality experiences.” 

– Senior Manager, Pandora

Results they’ve seen since partnering with unitQ:

  • 20% boost in unitQ Score within 45 days
  • 15% reduction in churn rate
  • 10% reduction in support tickets
  • 18% increase to their NPS 


LOVOO has paved the way for millions of people to connect and find that someone special. Their service isn’t just about swiping photos. They strive to provide the most authentic way for singles to make a lasting connection. LOVOO chose unitQ to help them reduce friction and automate their manual processes. They needed quality insights to drive better product quality to create better experiences for their users.

“We love unitQ Monitor! It used to take us so time to identify and quantify issues. It has really improved the workflow between our QA and Product teams because we now have all the data we need to make decisions in real-time. Plus, it’s great that we can now search everything from one place!”

-Anja Richter, Head of QA, LOVOO

Results they’ve seen since partnering with unitQ:

  • 42% improvement in their unitQ Score
  • 28% increase in App Store and Google Play Store ratings
  • 40% reduction in support ticket volume
  • Increased session length and average session per day 


Beauty and wellness professionals and their clients utilize StyleSeat to showcase their work, connect with new and existing clients, and build their business throughout the United States. Since 2011, StyleSeat has generated over 120 million appointments. StyleSeat chose unitQ to help their teams automate processes, work with data vs. in silos, and understand actional signals across all their user feedback data.

“unitQ Monitor is 100% necessary to our StyleSeat. It gives us a clear understanding of product quality in real-time and significantly reduces the amount of time we spend troubleshooting issues. We absolutely need it! We have gone from satisfied users to delighted users.”

-Greg Burch, VP of Engineering, StyleSeat

Results they’ve seen since partnering with unitQ:

  • 18% improvement in their unitQ Score
  • 35% boost in App Store and Google Play Store ratings
  • 100% increase in user retention
  • 50% decrease in user churn  


As one of the most popular global learning platforms and apps that students and teachers use to learn and advance knowledge for school or personal interests, Quizlet has made it simple for their users to study any subject or topic. With unitQ, Quizlet has gained a more efficient way to capture user feedback and turn it into product quality improvements. They’ve been able to go beyond manual processes and close quality gaps.

“Through the utilization of unitQ’s solution, they have the data and actionable insights to address user needs and drive product quality. It’s that combination of a clear and comprehensive signal, plus speed, that brings the most value to Quizlet.”

-Quizlet Team

Results they’ve seen since partnering with unitQ:

  • Less effort to turn support and user feedback data into product quality signals 
  • More user feedback data from more channels for a complete picture of every quality issue
  • Faster identification and prioritization of quality issues
  • New ability to explore user feedback data for product quality improvements

unitQs’ Goals for Our Customers

unitQ’s ongoing goal is not only to enable companies to move fast and build high-quality products for their users, but we want to help them build quality companies. We’re grateful for the ongoing trust and partnership our customers put in our mission and product. We look forward to assisting them with continued success. Read their full success stories here.

Customer Stories

Pandora + unitQ: Ensuring Every Listener is Heard

The unvarnished truth is users are the ones with the deepest insights about your product. And many times, these insights can be found in their feedback. While it’s important for businesses to leverage what their users are saying, the difficult parts are actually identifying and quantifying their feedback. These challenges are magnified as user feedback spans channels, regions, and languages. As a result, businesses are drowning in a sea of noise that lack actionable signals and data insights. 

Pandora, a leading music streaming service, is familiar with these challenges. In a recent live webinar, Pandora and SiriusXM’s Senior Manager of Quality of Service, Jordan Golinkoff joined unitQ’s Head of Growth, Anthony Heckman to discuss how Pandora is addressing them head on. And how they’ve leveraged unitQ’s quality feedback monitoring platform to improve their ability to identify, analyze, and act on user feedback. The following are three main takeaways from their discussion and significant results they’ve seen in their unitQ Score.

1. A manual approach to monitoring user feedback doesn’t provide actionable signals

Users want to be heard and have very little patience for products that don’t consistently deliver a great experience. When they provide feedback, it can come from a variety of channels and regions. It’s no secret that gathering and monitoring an accumulation of feedback across sources can be quite grueling. “It’s manual and reactive in nature”, said Anthony. He added, “If businesses are not looking at feedback from all channels in one place, it’ll be even more difficult to get an accurate signal on any given issue.” A big tip is to remove the manual approach and replace it with a proactive one in order to get both a holistic view across feedback sources and actionable data insights.

Jordan’s team has been leveraging unitQ’s monitoring solution to enhance its ability to listen, understand, and address user feedback. With unitQ Monitor, his team has been able to utilize timely and actionable insights to drive critical product improvements by analyzing feedback from multiple channels such as customer support and the app stores. The platform has also helped with increasing operational efficiency and stakeholder alignment for his team. He explained, “Since working with unitQ, it has caused our team to stop and rethink how to prioritize (user feedback) data and how we can shine a better light on poor quality experiences.”

“Since working with unitQ, it has caused our team to stop and rethink how to prioritize (user feedback) data and how we can shine a better light on poor quality experiences.” -Jordan Golinkoff, Pandora

2. Listen to user feedback in the most efficient and effective way

Both Jordan and Anthony agreed that it’s essential to have a platform to efficiently understand what users are saying in a very structured and data driven way. They said this will help address multiple things. First, you can see first hand what users are telling you to optimize or build instead of guessing what to approach next. Second, you can analyze how you’re competing with others in the same space. Third, you can allocate your resources in the smartest way possible and help your teams align on what needs to be worked on next. Anthony emphasized, “If companies invest in listening to their user feedback and take action in the most efficient way possible, they’re going to drive consistent quality, engagement, retention, and revenue.”

“If companies invest in listening to their user feedback and take action in the most efficient way possible, they’re going to drive consistent quality, engagement, retention, and revenue.” -Anothony Heckman, unitQ

Jordan elaborated further on how investing in unitQ has helped his team improve their ability to listen and act on user feedback. They’ve been able to use the actionable and granular insights to gain stakeholder support and produce timely fixes. Jordan said, “The way unitQ visualizes their data and its self-served nature, we’ve had a couple of issues come through where it provides an exclamation point on an issue that we didn’t know if we should escalate. With the data provided, we can then take it back to the engineering leads and say ‘we have this count of internal feedback, data, and these issues should be prioritized’.” He goes on to add that his team has been using user feedback data provided by unitQ in bi-weekly senior leadership meetings as well.

3. Product quality signals you want to be monitoring 

Jordan highlighted that “product quality is a tricky thing to put real data around.” He went on to say that it’s important to understand when users are not having a quality experience and understand that as quickly as possible. As businesses are monitoring their user feedback, he suggested two actional signals they want to pay close attention to help drive product quality:

  1. How long it took teams to detect the problem
  2. How long it took them to resolve the problem

unitQ has really helped Jordan’s team pick up on these two signals. They can better understand when issues happen and when they’ve slowed down. Quick identification and having data to drive improvements are critical for his team. With unitQ, they can say with confidence what the issues are and designate the right resources to the right user pain points in real-time. He said, “The time lag between when you know there’s a problem and when the problem stops, that’s the gold standard for resolving instances.”

Boost in Pandora’s unitQ score: 20% improvement within 45 days

Pandora was able to leverage unitQ Monitor and achieve a 20% improvement in their unitQ Score – The Quality Metric, 15% reduction in churn rate, 10% reduction in support tickets, and a 18% boost to their NPS.

See how unitQ can help your teams drive product quality 

Category leading companies like Pandora and SiriusXM have been using unitQ’s actionable insights to turn user feedback into product success. To get started with unitQ, try our platform free for 30 days. And to hear more about the Pandora + unitQ success story, you can watch the full webinar recording here.