How to measure the three Ps of business to elevate brand product quality

Much has been written about the three Ps of business — people, process and product — as they amount to a fundamental foundation for every company. While data is critical for improvement and to enable leaders to make informed decisions for the betterment of the business, measuring the three Ps with quantitative data has historically been a challenge.

‍With new tools embracing artificial intelligence and automation, it is now possible to progress from a qualitative view of the three Ps and transform them into quantitative, measurable areas. This allows business leaders to evaluate a brand’s quality, or even a customer experience agent’s performance, by taking a data-driven approach.

‍Read on as we explore some of the measurable data available for the three Ps, and how organizations might exploit that data.

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Larrita Browning is Head of Marketing at MaestroQA.