Best Practices

Learn how to leverage user feedback to elevate your marketing strategy

In case you missed it, Christian Wiklund, our CEO, recently spoke at the AWS Startup Showcase “MarTech Emerging Cloud-Scale Customer Experiences” event.

During this marketing focused gathering, Wiklund spoke about how unitQ enables marketing teams to craft user-centric, data-driven campaigns and deliver targeted, effective, and measurable messaging with confidence of successful engagement. unitQ also distills user feedback into a quantifiable data source to enable marketing teams to know if their marketing spend is going toward a broken experience without having to conduct focus groups or surveys. 

Read the article here. Or watch the video.

Our AI-enabled platform consolidates user feedback across channels and classifies it into more than 500 granular categories. This voice-of-the-customer data empowers engineering, support, product and marketing teams to decipher this user feedback to improve product quality and bolster brand loyalty.

If you want to learn more about how unitQ is arming organizations with real-time actionable insights from user feedback to build better customer experiences, reach out to us for a customized demo today.

Caitlin McDevitt is senior manager of strategic alliances at unitQ.